January 25-28, 2017

In anticipation of a large number of aircraft operating to and from the Sebring, FL area in conjunction with this event, the following procedures will be used to enhance safety and minimize air traffic delays.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will operate the Temporary Air Traffic Control Tower at Sebring Regional Airport (SEF) during the following dates and times:

Wednesday January 25 0900-1700 1400-2200
Thursday January 26 0900-1700 1400-2200
Friday January 27 0900-1700 1400-2200
Saturday January 28 0900-1700 1400-2200


Local Control #1 118.05 MHz
Local Control #2 123.825 MHz
Ground Control 121.35 MHz
Lake Jackson Arrival 124.725 MHz
ATIS 120.85 MHz

Pilots are urged to review all applicable NOTAMs and arrival/departure procedures prior to flying into or out of the Sebring area. SEF Control Tower personnel will monitor UNICOM to provide general information and, if necessary, further instructions. 

Caution: Pilots should be especially aware of the Military Operations Areas (MOA) and Restricted Areas associated with the Avon Park Bombing Range north and east of SEF. Contact Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZMA ARTCC) for MOA/Restricted Area status.

VFR arrivals should contact Lake Jackson Arrival at least 20 miles out, well before reaching Lake Jackson, approximately 7 miles west of SEF.

Prior to reaching Lake Jackson, turn on your landing light, monitor Lake Jackson Arrival on 124.725 MHz, and be prepared to receive sequencing and other arrival and traffic pattern information from controllers located on the ground near Lake Jackson. Do not contact ATC, if necessary controllers will contact you, using your aircraft “color” and “type”. Be prepared to “rock your wings” as acknowledgement for instructions.

All aircraft should maintain 90 knots at 1,100 feet MSL approaching Lake Jackson. Aircraft unable to safely slow to this speed should maintain 150 knots at 1,600 feet MSL. Advise Lake Jackson Arrival if your maximum airspeed is less than 90 knots.

VFR arrivals should circle Lake Jackson counter-clockwise, abeam downtown Sebring, at the above mentioned altitude. Look for an aircraft to follow and continue single file to depart the southern most shore of Lake Jackson on a 110 degree heading, as depicted in the graphic. When departing Lake Jackson, monitor Sebring Tower on frequency 118.05 MHz. Do not contact Sebring Tower, but be prepared to acknowledge transmissions by rocking wings, if requested.

Enter a left downwind to Runway 19 or a right downwind to Runway 01 (depending on runway in use). Stay in single file maintaining one half mile spacing with the aircraft ahead from the time you depart Lake Jackson on the 110 heading until landing.

As you are inbound, traffic will be operating on the northwest portion of the airport in an “Expo” pattern at 600 feet MSL, on a separate tower frequency (123.825).


If VFR holding becomes necessary, pilots will be instructed to enter a VFR holding pattern over Lake Jackson, using left turns. Aircraft at 1,100 feet MSL, maintain 90 knots or maximum airspeed if less than 90 knots, 1,600 feet MSL at 150 knots. All twin-engine aircraft are to maintain 2,100 feet MSL regardless of speed. Lake Jackson Arrival will provide instructions to exit holding.


Taxiway Alpha north of Taxiway A3 will be designated as Runway 17/35 for this event. Runway 17/35 will only be used by aircraft landing/departing the expo pattern. USE EXTREME CAUTION when turning from base to final, distance between centerlines of Runway 19/01 and 17/35 is 400 feet.
After touchdown follow the directions issued by the tower controller even though you may desire parking at the west ramp. Additional areas east of Runway 19/01 have been designated for temporary parking.


Prior to taxi, monitor the ATIS on 120.85 MHz, complete run-up, then proceed to the designated spot (as depicted on the taxi chart received from volunteers on the ramp). Once at a spot, contact ground control on frequency 121.35 MHz for taxi to the runway. Advise the ground controller that you have the current SEF weather, your spot and direction of flight. Follow the ground controller’s instructions for taxiing to the active runway (read back all hold short instructions). When number one for departure, contact SEF ATCT on frequency 118.05 MHz and advise that you are ready for departure.

After departure, proceed straight out for three (3) miles before proceeding on course. AVOID LAKE JACKSON and the SUA north through southeast of SEF. Be alert for numerous aircraft departing SEF airport and for traffic inbound to Lake Jackson.

Download the NOTAM PDF here