Light Sport Air Mall Concept

Rural Economic Development Catalyst Project

LghtSptAirMall_marketing.psdThe Sebring Regional Airport Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is the only CRA on an airport in the country and provides unique economic development opportunities. The incentives through the CRA cannot be provided by other airports. This airport is the top location for a Rural Economic Development Catalyst Project in this region. The state legislature has provided $2 million to help three rural regions, including Sebring Regional Airport.We also have grant programs to assist permitting, design, engineering, and construction of needed infrastructure for research & development and other medical manufacturing.

Relocate your sales center to Sebring’s Light Sport Aircraft Mall

Florida has the third largest pilot population in the United States and great year around flying weather. This mall concept takes advantage of these two positives providing a centralized sales location.

Let’s break new ground together
The creation of an appealing environment to help draw in the customer  is not new.

What is new is this: The creation of attractive structures that will be pleasing to look at and work in. These sales centers will recall an earlier time in aviation when hangers were special places where amazing flying machines lived, not just a steel building with a big door.